Being Courteous With Escorts

Escorts are professionals (male and female), who offer companionship, entertainment and other specified services to clients. They are so professional that a prospective client has to book in advance to enjoy their services.

With that being said, escorts differ greatly from prostitutes who are approached randomly for sex in exchange for money and in most cases are poorly paid.

In dealing with professionals, certain ethical and courteous rules become active, this is no different than working with London escorts. The same (if not more) rules apply.

The following are basic things to adhere to in dealing with escorts:


Usually, in bigger cities like London escorts are attached to escort agencies who have a number to be called in order to book an appointment. It is important that a client follows this rule and books an appointment in order to avoid embarrassment.


Having booked an appointment, it would be rude to be late. Punctuality plays a big role in improving professional relationships. In the event that you may be late or cannot make it at all, it is important to call in advance and notify the escort or his or her agency of the new development, offer a reason (if possible) and tender your apologies.

In some agencies, clients are overcharged for being late or the escort just leaves when the scheduled time lapses. They may be escorts, but that does not mean that they live and breathe for you. They are busy people too and if you are going to waste their time, they should not lose money because of your clumsiness.

No Assumptions

If you are unsure what kind of services an escort offers, it is important to verify this. While some agencies offer only companionship and entertainment, some include sexual services in the package. It is important to understand the nature of the services rendered by the agency to avoid complications in the course of your professional relationship.

Prompt Payment

Usually, there are different packages at different costs. It is important to go through the brochure or relevant document and choose a package that suits your budget. Escort services are usually a pay in advance service, therefore, after booking an appointment, make your payment within the agreed time if you want an escort waiting for you at the scheduled time.

If however you are a premium client and for some reason have been allowed to enjoy the services before payment is made, endeavor to pay within the agreed time.

Be Nice

An escort is like a date to an event, it is important to be nice to them. Do not treat them like lesser humans. Say “excuse me” when you belch, hold doors for the ladies, introduce them (if it is convenient), go get them drinks of their choice (for ladies), show concern if they suddenly fall sick (e.g. Food poisoning), etc.


Some people feel that just because they paid for the services, they are suddenly superior to escorts. This notion is wrong. If you do not become superior to a pilot (for instance), just because you paid for their professional services, it cannot be any different for escorts.

Procedures of Escorts

Hiring an escort is no different from hiring any other professional, a caterer, an event planner, etc. However, some people get tensed and even confused about how to go about it. In this step-by-step guide, we take you through the stages of getting an escort to talk with about life or work, join you to that event, give you that massage you do not want from a masseuse, dance for you, strip for you and in some cases, have sex with you.

Whatever your reasons for hiring an escort may be, the procedures are pretty much the same as discussed subsequently.


Legal capacity is important for every contract including a contract for hire. Depending on the jurisdiction, the legal age to engage in escort services whether as client or escort is 18 or 21. Make sure you are within the legalized age grade before you proceed.


Yes, research! The same way you would ask around for the best laundry services in town before getting a laundry man or the best hairdresser before walking into a hair salon, it is important to find out what escort agencies offer the best services that suit your needs.

Your research should bother around what you want. For instance, if you are looking to get a full package, including sex, it would be a blunder for you to engage the services of a “no-sex” escort agency. Also, if you want to choose a particular escort from a catalogue, find out what agency allows such.

Other things to consider during your research are, their cost versus your budget, the terms and conditions and general reputation of the escort agency.

Having done all these, proceed to the next step.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment, you would need to dial the number provided by the agency for such purposes, or visit the physical building yourself.

In booking an appointment, consider the specifications of the kind of escort you want, the day you want the services rendered, the purpose and the length of time. Most importantly, consider your pocket.

Make Payment

Most escort agencies insist on payment before service and provide a window period within which payment must be made or the appointment is cancelled. Adhere to this and pay promptly.


On the agreed date, be punctual as to time and venue, if you run late, be prepared to pay extra or lose time. They are professionals and in professional business, time is money.

Stick to the Agreement

After booking an appointment and making payment, for no reason should you demand of the escort, services that were not included in the package. This is unprofessional and the escort may even sue for breach of contract.

Leave a feedback

This is not compulsory but it is only professionally courteous to leave a feedback on the services you received from an escort or the escort agency. Be polite and direct in the feedback. If there are any suggestions, make them without appearing to be malicious or rude.


Hiring an escort takes nothing more than legality, funds, professionalism, knowledge and guts. The steps enumerated above can guide you in hiring an escort but you first need guts to follow them through.

Staying Safe When Dealing With Escorts

The escort business could be a dangerous one especially in jurisdictions where it is partially or totally illegal. Safety does not just mean legal and physical security, it extends to health and hygiene.

Escorts are glamorous and take proper care of themselves. However, one can never be too careful where intimacy is involved.

Another aspect where safety becomes important is when dealing with a “high in demand” escort. Most of such escorts have clients who are obsessed with them and would do anything to have them all to themselves, including harming another client.

The aim of this article is not to scare you, far from that. However, in trying to be safe, it is important that you know what you are trying to protect yourself from.

The following guidelines will help you stay safe:

Understand the applicable laws

Some escort agencies have no limit on where the escorts can follow a client to. Most laws prohibiting escort services work to prosecute the client over the escort. It is therefore expedient that where a client needs an escort to accompany them from one jurisdiction to another, they make sure of the laws of the destination jurisdiction as regards escorts.

It would be embarrassing to hire an escort and get “caught” for something you were ignorant of – “generally speaking, ignorance is not an excuse before the law”.

Use protection

Protection here could be a bodyguard or a bouncer, and that would be nice, especially if you can afford the services. However, this protection refers to the barrier method of contraception. This is because it functions to protect people from pregnancy and transmission of Sexually Transmitted infections.

Where sex is involved, the use of condoms, sponges, diaphragms, etc. would go a long way to help. For other venereal diseases that can be transmitted through body fluid, clients should do what they can to protect themselves.

Even though agencies have procedures that ensure that their escorts remain “clean” and healthy, some top clients even go as far as demanding that certain tests be carried out and some agencies allow same.

Ensure the highest level of hygienic practices

Clients should ensure that the escorts practice hygiene. A shower before and after sex, brushing teeth before going to bed, washing hands before fingering, changing clothes and underwear regularly, etc.

Keep to secure environments

There are areas that are prone to violence. It is important to identify these areas and keep off. This is especially important if one is visiting a country or county for the first time.

No one wants a news headline that associates them with the death of an escort or associates their death with enjoying the services of an escort.

Never get personally involved with an escort

Escort services are professional and so no emotions are involved. When a client becomes emotionally involved with an escort, things seldom turn out well. Emotions cannot be controlled, but it is best to keep them at bay.


In all situations, the thing to consider is “safety first”. Therefore all precautionary measures must be taken by clients to ensure that they are safe in their dealings.